Hi, My name is Tonye Obomanu.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio site.

I am a designer and developer. I've been in the tech industry for over 5years.

My interest in development began in my final year at the university, while studying for a degree in electrical engineering. As part of my dissertation I worked on a project that entailed the development of a formula app to solve some engineering problems. Whist developing this app I became very interested in programming and development in general and decided to mainly focus on these aspects of the Tech Industry from then on.

There weren't many opportunities in my community at that time for web developers so I started out as a service desk analyst for a multinational company. After a year, hoping to get more opportunities as a web developer, I moved to England to pursue a master’s degree in enterprise systems. The master’s program exposed me to different platforms and I was engaged in developing lots of web applications.

My interest in front-end development, although a build up from my interest in development in general, stemmed from being exposed to the various areas of web development during my master’s program. Because of its focus on users, I was naturally inclined to front end development and Front-end resonated with me as a developer. I am always interested in what users see when they interact with technology, how they interact with applications and how these processes can be improved to give a remarkable user experience.

After my second degree, I started work as a freelance Web Developer and have acquired the following core skills;
HTML | CSS | SASS | Javascript | Reactjs | Gatsby | wordpress | webflow

Design tools
Figma | Affinity Designer

I am determined and I always look forward to new opportunities/projects and challenges as I maintain my drive to learn and improve my skills continuously.

I enjoy making new connections and look forward to working with you.

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